Sunday, December 6, 2009

12/6 Homework Update

Apologies to parents for not posting this sooner. I was unable to create new posts while at school due to our new web filter. Here is the update for Integrated Science Homework.

We started our new unit, studying the science of chemistry, last week. The first homework assignment was on matter and mixtures, and was due Thursday and Friday of last week. Students who have not completed it will need to turn it in ASAP. They will receive a markdown of a letter grade. Here is a link to the pdf file of the worksheet.


The homework assigned for the students for this weekend was to bring a binder or folder to the next science class on Monday or Tuesday. This will be necessary for the binder checklist that we will be using to help students stay organized and keep track of necessary handouts that they need to keep and homework the need to turn in. We will be doing binder checks about every week or so as park of the college work habits grade, so students will need their binders every day. Students will receive an 'A' for the first binder check by having a binder on Monday or Tuesday. Because I was unable to post this assignment on the blog, I will give students a 'B' for having the binder on Wednesday. Most students have already showed me they have a binder, but some haven't. Feel free to email me if you are not sure that your student has an approved binder, or if you are not sure that you can get one, and I'll make sure we find one for your student. I'm sure we have a bunch of old ones floating around in my room or the office.


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