Sunday, November 8, 2009

Challenge Question #1 HW 11/9,10

Don't forget the homework due on Monday Nov. 9/Tuesday Nov.10. A first draft of your response to the challenge question "'Pluto should not be labeled as a planet.': Do you agree or disagree." must be completed. Remember, it should be at least a page long and include references to arguments that support or weaken your claim from the two Pluto articles. I'm including both articles and the challenge question worksheet on this post. Remember, your essay should meet each of these criteria.

• 1) Clearly state a position (thesis statement)
• 2) Draw conclusions from evidence.
• 3) Engage the reader.
• 4) Avoid “feelings”.
• 5) Appropriate style, grammar, spelling.
• 6) Demonstrate original thought.
• 7) Have a conclusion.

If you do not have a draft done in class you will receive no credit for this portion of the assignment, and will be asked to use your time writing.

Good luck.


(I couldn't upload the file for the 2nd pluto article, but this is the url for the site where I found it)


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